Some thoughts on Copa Del Ray

Real Madrid 1 • Barcelona 0

Well Iker the Octopus predicted Real to win the Copa Del Rey, but it was the Iker between the woodwork that can be thanked for this victory.  The best goalie on the planet showed you why he is regarded as such.  He halted Barcelona’s vaunted attack with a half dozen ridiculous saves, including three finger tip saves.  Had it been ant other goalie, Barcelona wins going away.

And Ronaldo?  He may be a superstar, but he works his ass off, and that hard work was rewarded when he blasted a header into the back of the net in the first overtime to seal the victory.  So he dives (sigh), they all dive! Especially in La Liga.  His possession played a major role in alleviating pressure on his back four.  Especially in the second half.  And he wants the ball, what a fit!

This game was very much a tale of two halves.  Real Madrid dominated the first half with new holding midfielder Pepe completely disrupting everything Barcelona tried to do.  But the amount of work Real put in left them tired in the second half.  With stodgy legs on the other side Barcelona found their rhythm while dominating the ball.  But they just could not find a way past the great Casillas on this day.

With this victory, Real Madrid finally stopped being Barcelona’s doormat.  And it sets-up one hell of a Champions League Semi-final.


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